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Air Tractor 504

Turbine Time

Initial time will take place at Turbine Training Center in Manhattan KS, and finish at Red Willow Aviation in McCook, NE.

Learn the systems of the aircraft in the classroom and practice in a controlled environment to get comfortable in the aircraft. This allows for repetition with no risk, and the ability to pause and get assistance from the instructor. Classroom time transfers directly to the simulator which then transfers to flying the Air Tractor AT 504.

Course materials provided:

  • Air Tractor 504 Aircraft Flight Manual

  • Aircraft Checklist

Turbine Training Center – Manhattan KS

  • PT6 Overview

  • Start Procedures

  • Emergency Procedures

  • Simulation Time

Red Willow Aviation – McCook NE

  • Brief Review of TTC

  • Aircraft Familiarization

  • Real Flight Time

We Work with the Best


Turbine Training Center

Manhattan, KS

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