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Aerial Application

At Red Willow Aviation & Spraying Inc., we strive to provide our growers with the highest level of comfort and convenience when it comes to the future of farming. We are the top choice in the region for aerial application of ag chemicals to combat a range of infestations and diseases. Our modern aircraft ensure that our treatments are of the utmost quality and accuracy. Moreover, our highly experienced pilots, David Owen and Riley Shullanberger, are dedicated to providing excellent service with an unparalleled level of precision and effectiveness.


David Owen

Chief Pilot

David, a veteran in the field of aerial application with four decades of experience, joins us this year from Oak Grove, Louisiana. Ever since he was four, planes have been a source of fascination for David, after having been mesmerized by the sight of crop dusters passing his farmhouse. He has three children and three grandchildren, and during his spare time, he takes pleasure in flying, hunting, and strumming the guitar.


Riley Shullanberger


Riley is back and ready to wow us once again with his incredible spray application skills! He impressed us all with the highest score of its kind in the nation last year, and this year promises even more of the same excellence. Hailing from Lakeview Oregon, Riley is part of a ranching family and takes time during the winter to assist them. It was during a tour of an Air Force base where Riley was first drawn to aviation and the incredible fighter jets! When not hard at work, he can often be found hunting and flying his personal plane.

Sales Specialists 

Contact our sales team today to get your crop spraying lined up!


Korbin Moore

Sales Specialist


Dave Lytle

Sale Specialist


John Paul (JP) Kain

Sales Specialist


Sam Yonkers

Aerial Sales Specialist

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