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We offer cutting edge technology and the solutions you need.

Aerial Application

At Red Willow Aviation & Spraying Inc., we strive to provide our growers with the highest level of comfort and convenience when it comes to the future of farming. We are the top choice in the region for aerial application of ag chemicals to combat a range of infestations and diseases. Our modern aircraft ensure that our treatments are of the utmost quality and accuracy. Moreover, our highly experienced pilots, David Owen and Riley Shullanberger, are dedicated to providing excellent service with an unparalleled level of precision and effectiveness.

Fuel & Maintenance

We offer 100LL and Jet A fuel. Our experienced staff will fuel your plane while you take a break and relax in our pilots lounge. 

Our lounge features clean restrooms, snacks and drinks, plenty of seating, tv and reading materials, flight planning area and free wifi.


AT504 Time

Learn the systems of the aircraft in the classroom and practice in a controlled environment to get comfortable in the aircraft. This allows for repetition with no risk, and the ability to pause and get assistance from the instructor. Classroom time transfers directly to the simulator which then transfers to flying the Air Tractor AT 504.

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